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Arkansas Oil and Gas Bar Loses Longtime Member

Very sad to hear about the passing of my colleague David Butler of Magnolia, Arkansas.  I met David 10 years ago in Hot Springs.  He was representing Chesapeake Exploration at the time, and I remember he introduced his talk as “I’m purely for entertainment.”  Boy was he!  He had the audience laughing from start to finish.  David was witty, charming and not afraid to mix it up in the hearing room.  David could spin a yarn like no other.  I can’t get over how many hilarious stories the had from his job as prosecuting attorney.  I never saw him in a bad mood or with a bad attitude.  He will be sorely missed at the annual oil and gas convention in Hot Springs.   A link to his obituary is below.   No mention of his work as an oil and gas lawyer, but he was one of the best in Arkansas.

How long does it take to probate a will in Arkansas?

It takes as little a day to probate a will in Arkansas, but the will is subject to challenge for 60 days after giving notice by publication in a local newspaper of general circulation in that particular Arkansas county.  Probating a will in Arkansas is completely different from administering an estate in Arkansas.  That is, it is possible to probate a will in Arkansas without administering an estate in Arkansas and vice versa.  If the deceased has money tied up with financial institutions or significant personal property in Arkansas, then it is likely the estate will require an administration.  Administration of an estate in Arkansas has the additional benefit of barring the claims of unknown creditors.  Thus, where there is real property in the estate–such as a home–and the heirs wish to sell the home immediately, estate administration will allow the home sale to close sooner than if there were no administration.

Law Offices of Mark Robinette Prepares Jackson County, Arkansas Mineral Deeds

Law Offices of Mark Robinette has offices in Little Rock, Arkansas, but prepares Arkansas mineral deeds in all Arkansas Counties including Jackson County, Arkansas. The Jackson County Circuit Clerk and Recorder located in the County seat of Newport handles recording of mineral deeds for the County of Jackson in the State of Arkansas. Deed recording and preparation is done by mail correspondence, so you can hire Mr. Robinette and put his years of experience in oil, gas and mineral law to work for you without incurring any travel costs. Recording costs for deeds in Arkansas are $15 for the first page and $5 for each additional page.

If you have mineral assets, whether they are oil, gas, hard rock minerals, or brine in Jackson County Arkansas or the cities of Beedeville, Diaz, Newport, Swifton, Tuckerman in Jackson County Arkansas, you should give Arkansas mineral deed lawyer and attorney Mark Robinette a call today.   Mr. Robinette has years of experience in Arkansas oil, gas, mineral rights, land, and real estate law.   As an Arkansas mineral deed lawyer, Mr. Robinette provides the following services:

  • Mineral Warranty Deeds
  • Mineral Quitclaim Deeds
  • Mineral Cross Conveyance Deeds
  • Royalty Deeds
  • Mineral Deeds with recitals of heirship
  • Mineral Beneficiary Deeds

Mr. Robinette has years of experience as a corporate oil, gas, and mineral lawyer. This means he knows and understands all of the pitfalls in mineral deed preparation that cause problems when oil, gas, and mineral production companies examine title and scrutinize mineral deeds for defects. Be very careful when hiring a “title company” to prepare your Arkansas mineral deed. Title companies in Arkansas typically deal exclusively in residential and commercial real estate closings. These skill sets include basic deed preparation, but title companies learn how to prepare deeds for compliance with general real estate, lending and insurance laws.   Thus, a typical title company’s skill set does not ordinarily include knowledge of Arkansas mineral conveyancing rules. Not to say there are not some title companies out there with staff qualified to prepare mineral deeds, but those title companies are uncommon.  If you choose to hire a title company instead of an Arkansas mineral deed lawyer, screen the title company carefully. Find out if a qualified attorney actually reviews your deed. Ask whether they prepare mineral deeds on a regular basis and whether you deed will be prepared by a qualified Arkansas mineral deed attorney.  Remember, when you hire The Law Offices of Mark Robinette to prepare your Arkansas mineral deed, you get Mark Robinette. Your deed will not be delegated to an assistant. Your matter will get the complete attention of an Arkansas oil, gas and mineral lawyer and attorney with years of relevant experience.

Mr. Robinette welcomes inquiries from out-of-state law firms and individuals for local counsel services.     If you are ready to speak to a Jackson County Arkansas mineral deed lawyer or attorney today, call Mark Robinette at 501-251-1076 or email him at   Learn more about Mr. Robinette at: Learn more about Arkansas oil and gas and real estate law at: and