Law Offices of Mark Robinette Accepts Conway County, Arkansas Will and Probate Cases

Probate Lawyer Serving Clients in Conway County, Arkansas

Looking for a probate lawyer in Conway County, Arkansas?  Law Offices of Mark Robinette practices probate law out Little Rock, Arkansas, but accepts probate law cases in Conway County, Arkansas.  The Conway County Clerk located in Morrilton, Arkansas handles probate court filings in Conway County, Arkansas.  Conway County, Arkansas should not be confused with Conway, Arkansas (this is a city in Faulkner County 15 minutes via I-40 from the Conway County Seat of Morrilton).   Conway County, Arkansas’s probate Court is in the Fifteenth Judicial Circuit.  Most probate cases in Conway County, Arkansas are heard by the Hon. David McCormick. 

A rendition of the Conway County, Arkansas Courthouse

An Artful Interpretation of the Conway County Courthouse

What are the Most Common Probate Issues in Conway County, Arkansas?

The common type of probate case in Conway County, Arkansas is clearing of title to mineral rights.  Probate lawyer Mark Robinette has over 14 years of experience with oil and gas interests in Conway County, Arkansas.  Most probate issues relating to Conway County, Arkansas mineral rights are resolvable with affidavits of heirship, probate of a will without administration, quitclaim deeds, and family settlement agreements.  These methods of resolving claims of title are quick, effective, and low-cost.   The goal is to get your loved one’s estate’s Conway County oil and gas royalties into “pay” status under your name quickly and efficiently.   If a full estate administration is required (such as when land and mineral rights are not separated), probate attorney Mark Robinette is here to help you navigate the complex probate process.

Why Hire Mark Robinette as my Conway County, Arkansas Probate Lawyer?

Mark Robinette has over 14 years of experience probating Arkansas estates.  He is an honors graduate of the William H. Bowen School of Law, law review.  He is also a recognized by Superlawyers.  Being centrally located within the State of Arkansas allows Mr. Robinette to take probate cases anywhere in the state.  Morrilton is just a short, 45 minute drive from Little Rock.  Much of probate practice is done by mail correspondence and electronic filing, so you can hire an Arkansas probate lawyer that practices in a county outside of the probate Court’s jurisdiction without incurring extra costs.  When it comes to the affairs of your departed loved one, Mark Robinette believes in providing thorough service that will ensure that title to the estate’s property is perfect when the probate is concluded.   Arkansas probate lawyer and attorney Mark Robinette takes extra steps that many Arkansas probate lawyers don’t consider to avoid costly problems that appear when details are not considered.

What Kind of Services Does Law Offices of Mark Robinette Offer in Conway County, Arkansas?

If your departed family member left you property in Conway County Arkansas or the cities of Menifee, Morrilton, Oppelo, Plumerville in County Arkansas, particularly mineral rights, you should give Arkansas probate lawyer attorney Mark Robinette a call today.   Mr. Robinette has years of experience dealing with Arkansas probate law issues related to oil, gas, mineral rights, land, and real estate.   As an Arkansas Probate and Wills lawyer, Mr. Robinette provides the following services:

  • Probate of resident wills
  • Probate of non-resident wills (ancillary probate)
  • Estate administration (for those who die without a will)
  • Will contest litigation
  • Guardianship over the person
  • Guardianship over the estate
  • Affidavits of Small Estates
  • Petitions to Determine Heirship
  • Post mortem paternity actions

Can Probate Lawyer Mark Robinette Act as My Firm’s Ancillary Probate Attorney for My Client’s Arkansas Estate?

Mr. Robinette welcomes inquiries from out-of-state law firms for local counsel services in the probate of non-residents’ wills.   Generally, a non-resident’s will must be offered for probate in Arkansas within 5 years of death. After that time, the intestate heirs may convey the property free and clear of the will.

How do I Contact Law Offices of Mark Robinette Regarding Probate in Conway County, Arkansas?

If you are ready to speak to a Conway County Arkansas probate lawyer or attorney today, call Mark Robinette at 501-251-1076 or email him at   Learn more about Mr. Robinette at: Learn more about Arkansas probate law at: