Landowners and Royalty Owners

Leasing Advice

Landowners and royalty owners should not enter into oil and gas or brine leases without legal guidance. The most subtle changes in terms can dramatically affect the profits realized from the lease over the long term.  Law Offices of Mark Robinette can provide attorney assistance to help you maximize the economic value of your oil and gas lease by providing guidance with critical lease terms. The firm is available to help you with leading in the Fayetteville Shale, Brown Dense, Arkoma, Petit Lime, and Cotton Valley plays in Arkansas.

Oil and Gas Title Curative and Brine Title Curative

If your Arkansas oil and gas royalties,  brine royalties, overriding royalties, or working interest payments are in suspense, you need a lawyer who can navigate the maze of company employees and representatives to quickly and efficiently get your oil and gas royalties or brine royalties out of suspense. Put the firm’s experience to work for you. Law Offices of Mark Robinette leverages 16 years of upstream oil, gas, and mineral production experience to find the fastest and most efficient means to cure your title and to get your money out of escrow. The attorneys of Law Offices of Mark Robinette can track down missing heirs, probate out-of-state wills, draft heirship affidavits, and utilize many other legal solutions to get your oil and gas royalties or brine royalties out of escrow.

Surface Use and Surface Damage Agreements

There is only one chance to get an oil and gas surface use and damage agreement right–the first time. The same is true of brine surface use agreements.  If you don’t own your minerals, the oil and gas or brine company will approach you to negotiate surface damages and surface use. This is your best opportunity to have a valuable and effective agreement. There are limited statutory protections for landowners, and an agreement with the oil and gas company is your best chance to obtain maximum protection for your land. Arkansas based Law Offices of Mark Robinette can provide you with an effective, attorney-drafted oil and gas surface use and damage agreement that gives you piece of mind for your land investment.

Law Offices of Mark Robinette Oil and Gas lawyers and attorneys accept Arkansas oil and gas law cases in Union County Arkansas, Columbia County Arkansas, Lafayette County Arkansas, Miller County Arkansas, Nevada County Arkansas, Jackson County Arkansas, White County Arkansas, Independence County Arkansas, Cleburne County Arkansas, Van Buren County Arkansas, Faulkner County Arkansas,  Conway County Arkansas, Pope County Arkansas, Sebastian County Arkansas, Crawford County Arkansas, Logan County Arkansas, Franklin County Arkansas, and Yell County Arkansas.

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